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3 Ways to Season Your Humidor


When you get your first humidor, it can be tempting to start filling it with cigars right away. However, it's important to create the perfect environment for your cigars first. Remember, cigars are produced in warm, humid environments. You need season your humidor to recreate this environment inside your humidor; otherwise, it can't prevent your fine cigars from drying out. We do this by impregnating the walls of the humidor with moisture. There are different schools of thought on the best way to prepare your humidor to store your cigar collection. A few different ways to season your humidor:

Use a Damp Sponge

Take a new, clean sponge without soaps, perfumes or additives and soak it in distilled water. Squeeze all the water out so that the sponge is just damp but not dripping. Put it inside your humidor on a sheet of plastic wrap and close the lid for 24 hours. Do not use tap water; tap water contains minerals that can negatively affect your humidor.

Wipe Down the Humidor

Other people prefer a more hands-on approach. In this method, you wipe down the interior of the humidor with a barely damp paper towel, closing it up each time. When the humidity of your humidor reaches 70%, it is ready for your cigars.

Keeping the Humidity Right

Even after initial seasoning, your humidor will need to occasionally be rehumidified to bring it back up to its ideal level of humidity. Many people like to use a combination of distilled water and propylene glycol for this. Most experts recommend that the first time you fill the humidifier, you use propylene glycol. After that, use distilled water in the pad. Switch back and forth every few times to get the best benefits of both options.

Check your hygrometer regularly to ensure that it shows humidity between 65 and 75%. By keeping your cigars at the perfect temperature and level of moisture, you can ensure that your collection stays fresh and pleasurable to smoke.

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